Cheeky Neurons patches

Epilepsy Is a neurological condition that affects 1% of the population – many of whom are children. However, online information that is targeted at explaining epilepsy to children has been missing. That’s what Nix and Nellie want to change. By helping children and families understand epilepsy in a fun and engaging way we hope to have the ability to decrease the stigma and anxiety that is often associated with the experience of epilepsy.
Nix and Nellie are cheeky, inquisitive young neurons who want to comprehend the brain – especially what’s going on in the brain in epilepsy.

We made some cool patches for Nix and Nellie. Big thank you to . Hope our support will help spread the information about such human problems.

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British Biker Relief Foundation

Mundi Plumarii Foundatation and UK patch manufacturer support British Biker Relief Foundation is supported by Mundi Plumarii Foundation.

The BBRF support motorcyclists and their families across the UK after serious and life changing injuries sustained in a motorcycle road traffic accident.


Linux Patches donated to NY Code Team

New York Code Team received from Mundi Plumarii Foundation 20 patches of Linux logo. They will use those patches at coders competition during 2018.

Patches are rectangle in shape with slightly rounded corners. There is a penguin and “powered by LINUX” inscription.

Are you open source enthusiast? You can buy this patch directly from our sponsor web store.

Are you NGO or NPO IT specialist? Contact the foundation and get an embroidered patch with your logo.

Here at Mundi Plumarii, we also create emblems for commercial customers. Send us an email with your logo today, receive top quality patches within 2 weeks.

Essex Coat of Arms & Flag

Finally, We made bunch of Essex patches: flags and coats of arms. They goes directly to one of many schools located in Chelmsfort.

The flag patch: Size approx: 3.1 x 2.1 inchs (8.0 x 5.5 cm)
The coat of arms patch: Size approx: 2.6 x 3.1 inchs. (6.8 x 8.0 cm)
Both patches with merrowed border.

Please contact us if your NGO/NPO need any custom made coat of arms or flag patches. We are ready to help you with top quality products .