The proper way of Velcro sewing

We take the role of material technology seriously — not only of more impressionistic qualities of embroidered patches, in the way that they produce easy recognition of sports teams, clubs, and non-profit companies, but in the actual craft of our patches, too. We work to produce products that are made to last and made to be easily used. For us, this requires discriminating attention to the intimacies of the fabrics that are used and how they are used.

The whole thing looks a lot smarter from a strictly cosmetic level, ensuring that customers can wear the sewn patch with the pride that its attendant company or team deserves. Particularly within institutions without profit motives, this is something quite important to us. In patches that require a so-called “velcro” application mechanism, you will see a far more uniform and box-like pattern on the ‘hook’ (that is, the non-furry part of the fastening) side. This confers a more respectable, stylish impression to the embroidered patch overall, but it improves its sticking ability, too. Because the little hooks in the fabric are more evenly spaced around each other, this side of the hook and loop fastener will better grasp and hold the other: they will keep the fuzzy side more consistently.

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Mundi Plumarii guarantees that your embroidered patch (or, more likely, patches) will sit neatly and closely to the fabric they are being stuck upon. And it will also mean that the hook and loop fastener will stay this sticky for a more significant amount of time. And what’s more, the velcro will be a lot easier to clean and reinvigorate if you find that it has lost its stickiness: the gaps allow for a much less effortful cleaning process.

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