A Symbol of Protection

When you think of firefighters, many symbols come to mind. One of the most universal symbols that represent these heroes, are the patches that are carefully sewn on their uniforms and gear. These patches represent more than just an identifying label–they represent the strength and loyalty that are deep in the fibres. These brave men and women risk their lives to save the lives of others. They run into burning flames, cut people out of cars, and perform emergency manoeuvrers many could never do!

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All of these reasons and more is why Mundi Plumarii values the work that goes into the patches we create. Mundi Plumarii offers patches created with special threads that are flame protected. When the job heats up, these 100% Aramid Fibres are designed to resist ignition and prevent flames from spreading. Amazingly they can also self-extinguish once the source of the fire is eliminated!

These Aramid fibres contain Duponts Nomex and comply with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. Currently there are several colours available, which makes customization so easy! These threads have been tested and are certified according to ISO norms, as well as others. (DIN, NF, BS,UNI, NFPA, AND IMA FTPC)

fire proof products from madeira

After the fire is out or the car is cleared of passengers, the call of a shower is in the air. Firefighters wearing our patches can rest assured that when they throw their gear in the wash, the flame protection won’t go away. We do recommend to tumble dry on low in the dryer.

When procuring patches for your fire brigade, don’t go for substandard choices. The patches we offer will be done to perfection and will add a level of professionalism to each uniform that they touch. The superior quality we offer can not be found anywhere else. Let Mundi Plumarii dress your firefighters for success and protection.
We thank each and every firefighter for their service and are here for the needs of the brigade. Give us a call today!