Iron on Patches / Heat Seal Patches

People have been using iron-on patches for years to repair their clothes. For example, covering up holes in their jeans. This is due to the fact that they are convenient and durable. Currently, businesses have extended the usage of iron on patches by using them to promote their business. This is by applying custom logo iron-on patches which show about their business on tee shirts, hoodies, uniforms, and hats. Due to these, iron-on badges and patches have become very popular. Therefore, if you need to repair or decorate your clothes or advertise your business using clothes, you should invest in iron on patches.

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Types of patch backing.

There are different types of iron on patches. These types include; the Embroidered, PVC, chenille, woven, name, and the leather patches. The difference between all these patches is their designs. However, their effectiveness and durability depend on the backing the use. Below are the different types of patch baking.

Plastic backing.

This is a very popular backing because it can be used on any type of iron on patch. Therefore, you can use it on woven, name, leather and all the other patches. It’s also very rigid. Hence, it boosts the durability of the patch. Due to its strength, it can be used on thin patches and badges.

Hard hook and Loop backings are also known as Velcro.

This backing uses small hooks and loops to stick the patch into the clothing. It’s commonly used in law enforcement uniforms and the military.

Self-stick backing.

This backing is composed of an adhesive which is sealed with a paper. Therefore, all you need to use it is to remove the paper and apply it onto your cloth.

Hot seal backings

Unlike most backing, for you to use patches with this backing, you have to subject them to a lot of pressure and temperature for them to stick. This means you have to use the heat seal machine.

Magnetic backings

As the name suggest patches that use this backing have a powerful and small magnet placed between them and the backing. You also have to put a magnetic object on the inside part of the fabric for you to apply them.

Clutch backings.

This backing uses pins. In short, you have to pin them into your clothes.

How to apply iron-on patches?

Heat seal patches are applied on clothes (fabrics) by ironing. Therefore, you iron them on the fabric. Hence, for you to correctly apply iron-on patches, you need to have an iron, the iron patch you want to use, the ironing board and the clothes you want to apply the patch on. After gathering all the above requirements, then you can apply your patch by following these steps.
Step 1, lay your cloth on the ironing board.
Step 2, Then, place the patch on the place you want to apply it
Step 3, After setting your iron at high cotton steam, press the patch using the iron. The iron helps in melting the adhesive and hence ensuring the patch is applied to the cloth. Therefore, it boosts the durability of the patch.
It’s also important to note the type of backing on the patch. For example, you have to remove the paper first in all the patches that use self-stick backing.

Pros and Cons of iron on patches/heat seal patches.


  • They help you to improve the appearance of your clothes. This is due to the fact that they are very effective in decorating clothes.
  • You can use them to patch holes on your clothes.
  • Perfect for custom embroidered patches
  • Personalized, vibrant, and colourful (PVC) and name patches can be used in marketing.
  • Available for merrow border and hot cut edge patches.


  • Although most patches can be applied using an iron, some patches such as heavy duty patches require you to use special machines.
  • Some patches such as woven patches are not very useful. This is due to the fact they don’t stick to the cloths for long
  • They can’t be applied to almost all fabrics.

Regardless of their disadvantages, iron-on patches are very beneficial. Therefore, if you need to decorate or seal the holes in your clothes, you should buy them. You can also use them to boost your business. You can easily find iron-on patches online.

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