Welcome to Mundi Plumarii Foundation

Who We Are

The Mundi Plumarii Foundation was created out of the passion for service to humanity. Our core business is to make embroidered patches meant for non-profit institutions such as teams, clubs, and NGOs. You know, the kind of patches that contain emblems and symbols, often used for identification of uniformed personnel as well as organizations. Our mission is to support non-governmental organizations and charity groups in their initiatives as well as helping them register a renown corporate image in the world.

What We Do

We appreciate the role played by visual technology in effectively promoting worthy causes of various non-profit institutions. In view of the huge opportunity to serve humanity, and in support of every little thing done to help people, our foundation uses readily available materials to promote the recognition of these activities. We do this through the design and creation of patches and assorted embroidery for free.

Our foundation aims to impart recognition to the identity of different non-governmental organizations, institutions, and causes. Our services will help you improve your organization’s branding value beyond the obvious.

The patches and embroideries we make are available first to non-governmental organizations, then to the public sector and other selected customers around Europe.

We also make personalized logo embroideries on request. All you have to do is send us an email and attach a good picture of your logo.

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Our Products

We offer a wide range of embroidered patches. They include:

  • Flag Patches
  • Logo Patches and Badges
  • Custom Sports Badges
  • Cartoon Patches
  • Insignia Patches
  • Other Personalized Custom Patches

The embroidered patches we make come in different types.

  • Sew on
  • Plastic backing
  • Velcro/generic – hook and loop
  • Self-adhesive
  • Iron on

How to Order a Custom Patch

If you would like to order some embroidered patches or pieces of customized embroideries, prepare the following information and give us a call.

  • Graphics (eps, cdr, ai vector formats)
  • The preferred embroidery size.
  • Preferred quantity (minimum 1 piece)
  • Type of preferred patch
  • Colour of the background
  • Border Type (Merrow or hot cut)
  • Special threads you want to be used: gold, fluorescent or metallic silver.
UK Royal Coat of Arms – embroidery close-up

To assure you that we are working on your order, we provide a sample within 7 working days from the day the order was placed. The whole work will be complete after another 7 days, so in total it takes only 15 working days to deliver your finished product.

Currently, our services are confined to Europe. However, we are looking into the possibility of extending our reach to other continents.

Why Mundi Plumarii?


We love charity.

Our foundation thrives where service to humanity is alive. We support the British Biker Relief, National Trust and much more organisations across UK and Europe

Enjoy Fast and Free Shipping.

Experience no delays with your delivery. We understand and respect the time conscious nature of non-profit organizations and that is why we get to work immediately you send in your order. Expect your free, high quality embroidered patches just two weeks from the order date.

High-Quality Guarantee.

We use the highest quality threads and embroidery technology to make all our products. As such, our clients get what they deserve in terms of quality.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

All our clients come back to say thank you for the embroidery work we provide them with, and we believe you will too. Check our quality samples today.

We will send you a sample first.

We know that you trust us, but we still want to show you the progress being made on your product. You will always receive a sample patch before production started.

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Buy from us, support charities.

Where We Get Money to Make Free Patches

Making high-quality embroidered patches is not a cheap thing to do. That is why we get donations from private individuals and good willing donors. We do not make any money from the products and services we provide.

If, however, you feel the need to pay for a patch, you can buy some from our sponsor’s web store.

We welcome you to partner with us by sending your donation through the following means:

  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

We have a special offer for all donors using Bitcoin to support The Mundi Pulmarii Foundation. When you click on the Bitcoin Logo, you will receive a cool personalized silver threaded bitcoin embroidered patch.